Dr. Eng. Bogomil Manchev: Bulgaria has the technical and expert potential to develop the nuclear power industry

“Bulgaria has the adequate technical and expert potential and experience in order to develop the nuclear power industry not only within our country, but also abroad,” stated the Chairman of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (Bulatom) end Executive Director of Risk Engineering Ltd., Dr. Eng. Bogomil Manchev before the participants of the international conference “BULGARIAN NUCLEAR ENERGY – NATIONAL, REGIONAL AND WORLD ENERGY SECURITY“, which was held from 4 to 6 June this year in Riviera Holiday Club near Varna.(The conference was attended by diplomats, representatives of leading companies, and by former ministers of energy and economy of Bulgaria, Messrs. Miroslav Sevlievsky, Traycho Traykov and Petar Dimitrov).

Along with maintaining this potential, the Chairmanof Bulatom underlined the importance of the good education and training of the manpower in the higher educational establishments.The development of the nuclear power industry would provide opportunities for their successful realization not only in the nuclear power plants, but also in the area of offering related products and services. Mr. Manchev mentioned that in such way the economy of the country would benefit. Owing to the experience, good education and professionalism of the people engaged in the nuclear branch, significant results with respect to the safety criteria have been achieved in this area. Thanks to the efforts of designers, engineers and equipment production specialists, during the last 15 years the new nuclear technologies have become sufficiently reliable.

Mr.Manchev recalled that Bulgaria is not endowed with rich natural resources, therefore the nuclear power industry is a permanent part of the basic power sector, thereby guaranteeing reliability of the energy supplies. “The nuclear power industry has its legitimate part in the energy mix in Bulgaria, along with the coal powered generating capacities and renewable energy sources,” said Mr. Manchev. In his opinion, both the Belene NPP project and the construction of Unit #7 on Kozloduy NPP have their respective place in the energy system of the country. “The main purpose for the next 5-6 years will be the prolongation of the service life of Kozloduy NPP Units 5&6,” stated the Executive Director of Risk Engineering Ltd.

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