Certificates and Licenses

For the fulfillment of its concluded contracts and in order to achieve compliance with the effective laws, by-laws and regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria, Risk Engineering Ltd. has obtained the following certificates and licenses:

Certificates for approval of the Integrated Quality Management System, issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for conformity with the standards:

A license under the Spatial Planning Act (SPA) authorizing the company to perform assessment of investment projects for compliance and/or to render construction supervision services 
Certificates from the Chamber of Builders.

Certificate for Investigation of energy efficiency and certification of buildings, preparation of assessment for conformity with the investment projects and preparation of assessments for energy savings.

Certificate for Investigation of industrial systems energy efficiency and preparation of assessments for energy savings.

Certificates of full designer capacity issued by the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design (CEID) by the following parts: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Buildings and Facilities Structures, Technologies, HVAC, Heat & Gas Supply, Hydraulic Structures.

Certificates for technical supervision on the Structural Part of the investment projects.

Certificates by the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW) for Ecological Assessment (EA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with clearly stated assessment elements, namely radioactive wastes and ambient air quality.